Methodology for Improving the Analysis, Interpretation, and Geo-Visualisation of Erosion Rates in Coastal Beaches—Andalusia, Southern Spain

Antonio Prieto-Campos, Pilar Díaz-Cuevas, Miriam Fernandez-Nunez, José Ojeda-Zújar
2018 Geosciences  
Erosion is one of the major issues currently facing coastal areas. Some consequences of this process are beach loss and higher flood risk, which will likely be exacerbated given ongoing sea-level rise. With this in mind, those responsible for conservation and management decisions need appropriate tools with which to identify critical coastal areas, as well as to analyse, interpret, and visualise them with the appropriate geomorphological and environmental background. The aim of this work was to
more » ... of this work was to present a methodology for improving the analysis and interpretation of coastal erosion rates, as well as to guarantee wide access and dissemination of erosion data. To that end, an approach for the production, management, and dissemination of shoreline erosion data for the Andalusian coast in Southern Spain was developed. This approach enables the analysis and interpretation of the erosion rates in coasts by linking erosion rates with geomorphological and thematic information using a data model. Additionally, this methodology was proven to be a valid and appropriate tool for the design of a web-based viewer, being the best way to represent the erosion rates obtained every 50 m of shore for the entire Andalusian coast, being an exposed coastal front 917 km long. This is particularly useful for integrated coastal zone management schemes, enabling quick and easy access to valuable information.
doi:10.3390/geosciences8090335 fatcat:aubtyhj3dvdfdmuo5orhlqoeue