Matching Subsequence Music Retrieval in a Software Integration Environment

Zhencong Li, Qin Yao, Wanzhi Ma, Zhihan Lv
2021 Complexity  
This paper firstly introduces the basic knowledge of music, proposes the detailed design of a music retrieval system based on the knowledge of music, and analyzes the feature extraction algorithm and matching algorithm by using the features of music. Feature extraction of audio data is the important research of this paper. In this paper, the main melody features, MFCC features, GFCC features, and rhythm features, are extracted from audio data and a feature fusion algorithm is proposed to
more » ... the fusion of GFCC features and rhythm features to form new features under the processing of principal component analysis (PCA) dimensionality reduction. After learning the main melody features, MFCC features, GFCC features, and rhythm features, based on the property that PCA dimensionality reduction can effectively reduce noise and improve retrieval efficiency, this paper proposes vector fusion by dimensionality reduction of GFCC features and rhythm features. The matching retrieval of audio features is an important task in music retrieval. In this paper, the DTW algorithm is chosen as the main algorithm for retrieving music. The classification retrieval of music is also achieved by the K-nearest neighbor algorithm. In this paper, after implementing the research and improvement of algorithms, these algorithms are integrated into the system to achieve audio preprocessing, feature extraction, feature postprocessing, and matching retrieval. This article uses 100 different kinds of MP3 format music as the music library and randomly selects 4 pieces each time, and it tests the system under different system parameters, recording duration, and environmental noise. Through the research of this paper, the efficiency of music retrieval is improved and theoretical support is provided for the design of music retrieval software integration system.
doi:10.1155/2021/4300059 fatcat:rcefqi7v7bduthpwfneyquo3kq