The Application of Adlerian Psychotherapy for an Adult with High Functioning Autism and Depression

Hom-Yi Lee
2017 Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry  
High functioning autism (HFA) in adults is often accompanied by depression disorder. However, relatively few reports have focused on the treatment of such cases. This report introduced the intervention of Adlerian therapy for an adult with HFA and depression, in order to provide some suggestions for other therapists. The client was a 51-year-old female servant who searched for counseling through the Center of Work Strengthening due to the appearance of psychosomatic complaints when dealing with
more » ... s when dealing with her occupational accident. The counseling entailed 10 interventions, one day a week for more than two months, with 60-90 minutes per intervention. The client not only exhibited symptoms of depression and anxiety, but also HFA. The therapist applied four stages, as suggested by Adlerian therapy, to the client with HFA: 1. Relationship-building: respecting HFA clients' subjective experience and listening carefully with empathy. Assessment : asking questions about their history and the current functioning of their interpersonal relationships. 3. Interpretation and insights: discussing with the client and euphemistically pointing out the underlying motives for behaving the way she does in the 'here and now', to help her understand the limitations of the lifestyle she has chosen. 4. Reorientation and reeducation: to encourage clients to take the risk in engaging in new activities to adapt to the changes, and to adjust their rigid fictional final goals, and social interests.
doi:10.15406/jpcpy.2017.08.00483 fatcat:pygwtahiszeuzbwnlzpqwqs6sy