Predicted weights and volumes of firewood in hardwood trees in the Southeast [report]

Alexander III. Clark
1982 unpublished
Weights and volumes of fuewood 4 inches d.o.b. or larger were determined for 247 hard hardwood and 257 soft hardwood trees from 5 to 28 inches growing in the Southeast. Equations are presented for predicting the green weight of wood and bark and volume of wood in fuewood ~ 4 inches d.o.b. in the total tree above stump, in the main stem to 4-inch top, and in topwood above the saw-log top. Equations predict weight and volume of fuewood using and total height, d.b.h. and height to
more » ... and height to 4-inch top, d.b.h. and saw-log merchantable height, and d.b.h. alone. Tables developed from equations show weight in pounds and volume in cords of fuewood in a tree and its components by d.b.h. and height classes.
doi:10.2737/se-rp-226 fatcat:ncoxhoidkjdvva5gnboy2anzqy