Diet Quality Index-International Score is Correlated with Weight Loss in Female College Students on a Weight Management Program

Hee Kyung Yun, Hyesook Kim, Namsoo Chang
2009 The Korean Journal of Nutrition  
This study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the weight control program for female college students. The program was composed of diet and behavioral modifications for 8 weeks. A total of 78 participants enrolled the weight control program. Upon completion of the program, 53 participants experienced weight loss and 25 did not. The intakes of carbohydrate and fat were significantly decreased in both groups. However, the total diet quality index-international (DQII) scores as well as individual
more » ... well as individual scores such as variety scores for protein source and adequacy scores for vegetable, fiber, calcium and vitamin C and moderation scores for empty calorie food were increased significantly in weight loss group only. In the weight loss group, weight, BMI, body fat, percent body fat and waist-hip ratio were decreased significantly. In addition, compared to the weight gain group, the weight loss group had higher changes in weight (weight loss group: -2.6% vs weight gain group: 1.5%, p < 0.001), body fat (-6.0% vs 0.0%, p < 0.001), percent body fat (-3.1% vs -0.3%, p < 0.001), waist-hip ratio (-1.0% vs 0.5%, p < 0.001) and BMI (-2.6% vs 1.3%, p < 0.01). There was no difference in blood profiles between the two groups. The changes in DQI-I scores were significantly correlated with the changes in body weight (r = -0.239, p < 0.05) and BMI (r = -0.224, p < 0.05), indicating that effective nutrition education could help improve diet quality leading to successful weight management among female college students. (Korean J Nutr 2009; 42(5): 453 ~ 463) KEY WORDS: diet quality index-international, body weight, BMI, female college students. 서 론 최근 사회경제적 여건의 향상, 운동부족, 과잉영양섭취 등으로 전 세계적으로 비만인구가 증가해가는 추세이다. 비 만은 심혈관 질환, 고혈압, 당뇨병, 골관절염의 위험인자이 며 특히 여성에 있어서는 유방암, 자궁암, 난소암 등과의
doi:10.4163/kjn.2009.42.5.453 fatcat:4lw3dxq5lvdvzblq552qp52rzu