Al-Tijary Pengaruh Kualitas Penerapan Good Corporate Governance (GCG) terhadap Kinerja Keuangan pada Bank Umum Syariah di Indonesia (Periode 2010-2015)

Jurnal Ekonomi, Bisnis Islam, Jurnal Ekonomi, Bisnis Islam, Angrum Pratiwi, Fakultas Ekonomi, Bisnis Islam, Iain Samarinda
2016 unpublished
The purpose of this study to determine the effect period. Samples collected are 10 Islamic banks by the number N = 60. The results showed that the application of GCG is based on data collected had an average of 1:55 to 2:20 that enter into the category of "Good". This means that the quality of GCG implementation in accordance with the BUS 11 indicators that have been set by Bank Indonesia. The results of the t test (partial test) showed that the quality of GCG implementation significant
more » ... significant positive effect on the CAR, NPF and ROA. The quality of GCG implementation negatively affects the ROA and ROE significantly. While the statistical test results apparently GCG implementation does not affect the performance ratio of NIM and FDR.