Comparison of the Properties of Almotriptan PVA Hydrogel Depending on the Ratio of PEG and Confirmation of Potential as Transdermal Formulation
PEG의 함량에 따른 알모트립탄 PVA 하이드로겔의 성질비교와 경피흡수형 제제로서의 가능성 확인

Se Mi Kang, Young Jin Jung, Jae Ho Lee
2014 Journal of Life Science  
Problems appear when triptans are taken orally. For example, the bioavailability of triptan is reduced by the digestive system, and the drug level in the blood reduces rapidly over time; there is also a possibility of gastrointestinal disorder. To improve side effects, a transdermal patch has been prepared in hydrogel form. The polymer matrix that makes up the hydrogel uses PVA; PEG is used as an additive to induce inter/intra hydrogen bonding of the PVA and almotriptan drug is added. In
more » ... is added. In addition, to accelerate micro-phase separation between PVA chains, liquid nitrogen is used. In FT-IR analysis, the absorption bands of PVA, PEG, and almotriptan were found. The degree of crystallinity, the water uptake ability and tensile strength were increased with increasing PEG content. In drug release tests, the amount of drug released increased depending on the PEG content. In this study, hydrogels with 10 wt% PEG showed better performance in drug release. Approximately 60% of the total drug amount was released in 2 hr, and the drug continued to release for 1 day. Thus, the prepared hydrogel patch is suitable as a transdermal formulation for the second dose administration of triptans to patients who require recurrent migraine treatment within 24 hr after the first administration.
doi:10.5352/jls.2014.24.4.437 fatcat:o4jkkiifu5c7ph7d7u2uv5kvsy