Performances Evaluation of Reflectarray Antenna using Different Unit Cell Structures at 12GHz

Christelle Uwizeye, Mohd Fairus Mohd Yusoff, Igbafe Orikumhi, Zaharah Johari, Mazlina Esa
2016 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
Objectives: To compare the performance of different unit cell shapes in the reflectarray antenna design and to provide a reference guide for researchers which reduce the time spent in the study of unit cell performance. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This paper employs related literature review and design. The design aspect being with the study of different unit cell elements, the optimized unit cell sizes are then used to build a reflectarray antenna. The antenna analysis was carried out via
more » ... ulations on CST studio 2015. Findings: It is observed from exiting literature that although several unit cell have been studied in the design of reflectarry, no comparison has been made from the different unit cells performance. The simulated results show that reflectarray antenna can achieve high gain and high performance with the benefit of low cost, low weight, low transmission losses due to the low profile of the feeding mechanism and their small size. In addition, the study shows that circular patch unit cell elements perform better than the rectangular, triangular and cross shape studied in this paper. Applications/Improvements: This paper shows the performance of four different unit cell shapes at 12HGz, the optimized unit cell are then used to achieve high gain reflector ray antenna.
doi:10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i46/107146 fatcat:szj6tyj5o5fc5l2yqwqsdtevgq