Prof. Peter Ivanovich, MD, FRCP – A Friend of Doctors Nephrologists from North Macedonia

Momir Polenakovic
2020 PRILOZI  
AbstractProf. Peter Ivanovich was born in Tacoma, Washington, USA on November 9, 1928, and died in Chicago on November 16, 2019.After being educated by the father of chronic hemodialysis, Belding Scribner, in Seattle, P. Ivanovich devotes himself to the study of hemodialysis and its treatment in patients with chronic terminal renal failure.From 1971 he worked at the Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago where he created a hemodialysis unit at the Veteran Affairs Hospital.In the
more » ... ell-equipped hemodialysis unit, the latest hemodialysis techniques were studied and new drugs were tested. Numerous doctors from all over the world, as well as from Macedonia, visited and researched at the unit with P. Ivanovich.P. Ivanovich has frequently visited Macedonia and the former Yugoslavia, where he participated with his lectures. He helped in the development of nephrology in the Balkan Peninsula.Significant is his participation in the First Scientific Meeting of the Nephrologists of Yugoslavia, Struga, 26-28. IX 1977 and in the creation of BANTAO in Ohrid on 9. IX 1993 - during the First Congress of the Macedonian Society of Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation and Artificial Organs.Prof. P. Ivanovich is in the lasting memory of the nephrologists of North Macedonia as a renowned nephrologist, cosmopolitan and friend of patients and doctors.
doi:10.2478/prilozi-2020-0027 pmid:32573472 fatcat:bwahbo6gqragtnmszrsa2tpccy