The history of the subject of Peace in the department of Cauca from 1962 to 2017, a proposal for its reinforcement and effective implementation

Hoover Hugo Paredes Mosquera, Martha Elena Segura Sandoval, Maria Andrea Orozco Ordoñez, Hernando Efraín Caicedo Ortiz
2018 Saber ciencia y libertad  
In this article we present a study about the reinforcement of the Peace subject under the Law No. 1732 of 2014 and in the Regulatory Decree No. 1038 of 2015 in Cauca state in the Colombian Republic and legislative which measures that contributes to the strengthening of education considering the post-conflict situation the country is facing. This socio-legal research uses a mixed method. The qualitative approach based on documentary analysis, the ethnography which used the interview as a
more » ... e and the quantitative approach which considered the underpinned statistics data which the government entities provided with The study focuses on the pre-school, elementary, middle and high school of the educational institutions in Cauca state by starting a historical compilation of the regulations to determine compliance with legislative guidelines. Notwithstanding, the guidelines of the National Authority of Education for the Peace and subject development in Cauca state the progress results in its enforcement are little and are centered in Popayán as the state capital city without any record of its development on the other remaining 41 towns in the state thus evidencing the absence of an effective monitoring and control of the competent authorities.
doi:10.18041/2382-3240/saber.2018v13n2.4598 fatcat:lmx6hhs7sbdtxis57bktt4nnxy