Mir Sharif Hasan
2020 Zenodo  
Sport as a social tool can undeniably provide a powerful platform to promote sports and physical activities and gender equality. Sport cannot solve all the unwanted social problems but however it has provided itself to be a valuable & powerful tool to build bridges, cross borders and social cohesion. Sports and active social activities of the Olympic movement that are related to using sport to improve physical activities in the population, giving access to sport as a right for all and on
more » ... g in sport activities with special focus on youth. Olympic agenda ever reflects the fact that sport is more important for an active life style in society and enhancing activities which should be a key goal of all governmental & non-governmental agencies throughout the world.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3633419 fatcat:q2fcrh42tre3lp6nfwm64esyoq