Infra -α- Compact and Infra -α- Connected Spaces

Raja Mohammad Latif
2021 International journal of pure mathematics  
In 2016 Hakeem A. Othman and Md. Hanif Page introduced a new notion of set in general topology called an infra -α- open set and investigated its fundamental properties and studied the relationship between infra -α- open set and other topological sets. The objective of this paper is to introduce the new concepts called infra -α- compact space, countably infra -α- compact space, infra -α- Lindelof space, almost infra -α- compact space, mildly infra -α- compact space and infra -α- connected space
more » ... n general topology and investigate several properties and characterizations of these new concepts in topological spaces.
doi:10.46300/91019.2021.8.6 fatcat:vm7diufbnzajzhlbkz6dfxocwy