A comparative study of magnetic declination at Agincourt and Meanook during 1917

W. E. W. Jackson
1918 Journal of Geophysical Research  
In July of 1916 there was established at Meanook, Alberta, a magnetic observatory for the purpose of securing a continuous photographic record of the magnetic declination. The record for the first calendar year was completed on December 3!, 1917 and a preliminary analysis of the results obtained is here presented together with a comparative analysis of the 'results obtained at Agincourt. The Meanook station is located in longitude 113 ø 21' W and latitude 54 ø 37' N, and the Agincourt station
more » ... Agincourt station in longitude 79 ø !6' W and latitude 43 ø 47' N. At Meanook 105th. mean time is used and at Agincourt, 75th. mean time; the time-clocks are compared daily with chronometers whose errors are allowed to accumulate and whose rates are determined weekly by telegraph. By the addition or subtraction of small weights to the pendulum of the time-clocks they are kept within a few seconds of the true standard time, and they are provided with electrical contrivances to mark the hours on the photographic records. The ordinates are measured for each hofir of the day, and the 127 128 W. ,E. W. JACKSON [vm,. xxlII, No. sl TABLE II.--Agincourt and Meanook declination ranges in the year 1917. Month 1917 Monthly Range Agincourt ,Meanook
doi:10.1029/te023i003p00127 fatcat:asq6yvan2jhajcbndwwjmd2gjy