A Method for Rapid Prediction of Edge Defects in Cold Roll Forming Process

Zhijuan Meng, Yanan Fang, Lidong Ma
2021 Mathematics  
In order to implement rapid prediction of edge defects in the cold roll forming process, a new analytical method based on the mean longitudinal strain of the racks is presented. A cubic spline curve with the parameters of the cumulative chord length is applied to fit the corresponding points and center points of different passes, and fitting curves are obtained. As the cold roll forming is micro-tension forming, the tensions between racks are ignored. Then the mean longitudinal strains between
more » ... acks are obtained. By comparing the mean longitudinal strain between racks and the yield strain of the material, we can judge whether there are defects at the edges. Finally, the reasonableness of this method is illustrated and validated by an example. With this method, the roll forming effect can be quickly predicted, and the position where a greater longitudinal strain occurred can be determined. In order to prevent the defects, the deformation angles need to be modified when the result is beyond the yield strain. To further prove the correctness of the theory, the results of the analytical method are compared with the ones of the non-linear finite element software ABAQUS. The analytical results have the same trend as the finite element results. This method can provide useful guidance to the actual design process.
doi:10.3390/math9161902 fatcat:lqb5chtogjb6hd5fhw77o63uha