Solar supplied two-output DC–DC converters in the application of low power

P. Akhil Raj, Sabha Raj Arya
2020 Automatika  
In this paper, solar fed single-input two-output Converter is discussed in the application of low power. The single-diode model is chosen for the solar panel modelling. The performance of this model is better in case of varying solar irradiation. It is operated with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm to achieve better efficiency. This paper also discusses the comparative study of two important MPPT algorithms such as Advanced Perturb and Observation (APO) and Incremental Conductance
more » ... IC) methods. The characteristics curves between power and voltage as well as between current and voltage are obtained from simulation work and these curves are compared with the actual characteristics curve. The solar-fed Zeta-Buck Boost and SEPIC-Cuk converters are analysed as a two output converter. Moreover, the converter has a DC bipolar output voltage with the ground connected power switch. The ground connected switch reduces the sparks on the switch. The system is simulated and modelled using MATLAB software and its performance is tested using real-time simulator using OP-5142.
doi:10.1080/00051144.2020.1805859 fatcat:ido5me4cxffojnfgyvsmg25o2q