Are there hyperentropic objects?

Jacob D. Bekenstein
2004 Physical Review D  
By treating the Hawking radiation as a system in thermal equilibrium, Marolf and R. Sorkin have argued that hyperentropic objects (those violating the entropy bounds) would be emitted profusely with the radiation, thus opening a loophole in black hole based arguments for such entropy bounds. We demonstrate, on kinetic grounds, that hyperentropic objects could only be formed extremely slowly, and so would be rare in the Hawking radiance, thus contributing negligibly to its entropy. The arguments
more » ... based on the generalized second law of thermodynamics then rule out weakly self-gravitating hyperentropic objects and a class of strongly self-gravitating ones.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.70.121502 fatcat:b5ulgaxtojefjizp6fuhtdh5l4