Numerical Simulation Method for Fracture Effect of Corroded Steel Strand Under Tension

Fumin Li, Yaxu Qu, Yu Zhao, Rong Lu
2014 Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on the Durability of Concrete Structures   unpublished
Steel strand presents characteristic pitting corrosion in chloride environment, which leads PC structures to a serious structural failure even with light presentational corrosion. So it is necessary to analyze the fracture effect of steel strand caused by pitting corrosion. The theoretical analyses are difficult for the presence of complicated threedimension pits, so numerical method becomes a feasible choice. A numerical simulation method for fracture effect of corroded steel strand under
more » ... l strand under tension by the ANSYS software is introduced in this paper, which contains mainly four issues such as fracture criterion, constitutive relation, geometrical models, and simplified mechanical models. The Mises strain is fixed as the fracture criterion parameter because the fracture is stemmed from overlarge plastic deformation. A type of three-line constitutive relation model based on experiment is fixed. The geometrical models of corroded wires with one of the two type pits, namely spheroidic pit and anticlastic pit, are both came from the cylinder cut by a surface rotated from a segment of circular arc. A simplified mechanical model is fixed as the analyzing model, which is a cylinder with 50 mm length and one pit, one end is fixed rigidly and another end is restricted along the longitudinal axis and applied with area load.
doi:10.5703/1288284315390 fatcat:imajy6hdlrer7d4s5szwbth62e