Gingival Marginal Leakage of Different Tooth Colored Materials Combination as an Intermediate Layer in Class II Composite Restoration : A Comparative in Vitro Study

Aseel A. Salih, Zainab M. Hussain
2016 Journal of Baghdad College of Dentistry  
The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate and compare the microleakage between Vertise Flow T M composite material and other conventional (Filtek Z250, riva light cure and SDR) composite materials when restoring CII mesial box only cavity at gingival margin through die penetration test Materials and methods: Forty maxillary first premolars were prepared with class II box design only cavities. Samples were divided into four groups of ten teeth according to material used: group I (FiltekZ250
more » ... group I (FiltekZ250 only). Group II (SDR+FiltekZ250). Group III (Vertise Flow +FiltekZ250). Group IV (Riva light cure+ FiltekZ250). After 24 hrs. immersion in 2% in methylene blue, samples were sectioned and micro leakage was estimated. Results: None of the materials showed zero score for dye penetration. Micro leakage percentage in group III had lowest value; followed by group IV then group I while in group II had highest value of micro leakage Conclusion: All the materials show micro leakage at variable degrees and that the microleakage degree depend on materials type Vertise flow is a promising material to be used in clinic as it saves both time and effort and gives high degree of performance from the microleakage point of view.
doi:10.12816/0033209 fatcat:4p6mqir7x5fpzehs3oihesnmty