Removal of heavy metals from synthetic solution by electrocoagulation

Mohamed Ilou, Fatima Abida, Zineb Hatim, Abdelmoula Kheribech
2016 Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry  
The objective of this work concerns the optimization of the operating conditions for the removal of heavy metals from synthetic solution by Electrocoagulation (EC). To reach this purpose, we prepared a synthetic wastewater containing certain heavy metals (Ni, Cu, Zn, Fe and Pb) to study the influence of various parameters (conductivity, pH, time of electrolysis, current density and the initial concentration of the metal) on the rate of removal of these metals. The results show that this rate of
more » ... w that this rate of removal can reach 99.9 % in the following optimal conditions: pH included between 6 and 8 and a density of the current of 1~1.5A / dm 2 . This study shows that it is possible to remove metals in aqueous solution by the technique of electrocoagulation.
doi:10.13171/mjc54/01605310940/kheribech fatcat:dgk27ckf7rg2rl7zoou2b7obwa