В.И. Андреев, В.П. Носырин
The paper analyses the problem of a cylindrical hole in the soil massif at a great depth, in weak flooded soils. The soil massif can be considered an incompressible material with a Poisson's ratio   0,5 . The calculation was carried out in order to determine the influence of heterogeneity of mechanical characteristics on the stress condition of the "support-soil massif" system. The problem was considered as a one-dimensional case of a plane deformed state. In this work, we considered the
more » ... considered the problems for all possible combinations of the three cases of Young's support modulus functions Eк and four cases of elastic module of the soil massif Eм . The authors analyzed the results of calculation and drew the following conclusions: the stress condition of support - soil massif system is practically independent on the function of Young's modulus of soil E r м   , which may be due to rather low values that the modulus of elasticity of soil massif assumes, in comparison with the modulus of elasticity of the support. The functions of support strength modulus E r к   affect the stress state of the lining itself and have little effect on the stress state in the soil massif. When decreasing E r к   at the hole boundary, stresses also decrease. Based on the conclusions made, it can be argued that when creating inhomogeneous supports it is possible to obtain equally stressed or equally strong supports [1, 8], which, in turn, can result in significant cost advantage .
doi:10.25686/2542-114x.2020.1.111 fatcat:gajjjsyef5hudjfzwy4mpsdv4e