Review of Control Techniques of Three phase Boost Type PWM Rectifiers

2015 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)   unpublished
Use of uncontrolled and semi-controlled rectifiers like diode and thyristor based for obtaining DC supply makes the input current drawn from the power system non-sinusoidal due to injected harmonics. Using PWM rectifiers is one of the methods for making the input current sinusoidal and in phase with the input voltage. Different control techniques have been proposed which majorly focus on two things. First is to control the amplitude of the input current so as to meet the power requirements of
more » ... r requirements of the load. At the same time wave shaping the input current to make it sinusoidal and in phase with the input voltage to obtain unity power factor. Every control technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. A review of these different control schemes is presented in this paper.