Analisis Framing Murray Edelman dalam Periwayatan Ḥadīth bi al-Ma'nā

Ahmad Rohmatullah
2017 Islamika Inside: Jurnal Keislaman dan Humaniora  
This article analyzes the model of narration of ḥadīth with meaning (bi al-ma'nā) in the perspective of framing analysis according to Murray Edelman. Analysis of framing is relevant to be applied to historical ḥadīth with meaning (bi al-ma'nā), where the ḥadīth is information on the events of the Prophet Muhammad which were witnessed by various sentences and words. The concept of framing analysis is closely related to information about an event that is presented with a different editor and a
more » ... ent editor and a different visual side. This editorial and visual diversity fosters scientific assumptions which then develop into a concept of framing analysis. The variety of traditions of the ḥadīth narrated meaningfully is a result of the process of categorization and construction among the narrators of the ḥadīth. Even though it is not a determinant factor, the riwāyat bi al-ma'nā tradition shows a different process of categories and constructs among the narrators of the ḥadīth. The event is the same but expressed in a series of different sentences, or different words.
doi:10.35719/islamikainside.v3i2.60 fatcat:z6ldqytlvbfmte23rpw4qalpya