LOCAL DYNAMIC SIMILARITY CONCEPT AND UNDERLYING WIND TUNNEL TESTS : Prediction accuracy of flow rate of cross-ventilated buildings (Part 1)
局所相似モデルの概念と風洞実験による検証 : 通風時の換気量予測法に関する研究(第1報)

Takashi KURABUCHI, Masaaki OHBA, Tomoyuki ENDO, Yoshihiko AKAMINE
2006 Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)  
Anew modd llas been proposed f()r evaluating tho discharge coe 価 cient and now angle at an inflow opening fbr cross ・ ven 田 ation based on the previous analysis of the flow struCture by the Large Eddy Simulation . This model is based on the idca that the cross − ventilation fiow structure in the vicinity of an inflow opening creates dynamic similarity under the。ondition 血 紬 e r飢 io of 。ross − venti 圃 on driv 洫 g pressure to dyn ic pressure of cross flow at the opening is consist ¢ nt . Wind
more » ... el model s 色 udy was carri¢ d out to reprodu cross − ventilation by attaching suction 鉛 n aI the Ieeward side of the building model . Discharge c 朋 oi ts at stagnant surrounding condition w 職 s 鳳 ion now correspond well with those exposed to extema 旦wi 恥 d with eXtremcly la 【 ge suction 且ow . Total pressure at the opening is preserved even when flow is separated a ' ヒthe upstrcam comeL 瓱 was con 石mled that th¢ proposed mOdel can be applied to almost any direCtions and opening positions .
doi:10.3130/aije.71.37_2 fatcat:fyhw5xvaubek7b7a6yyexl3tt4