The Play of Cupak Gerantang in Wayang Kulit and Traditional Dramas and Values in Balinese and Sasak Society in Lombok

Luh Putu Puspawati, I Made Suastika
2021 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Technology and Educational Science (ICTES 2020)   unpublished
The play of Cupak Gerantang is an oral tradition in Bali and Lombok, but this story has integrated and adapted to the people of Bali and Lombok. In subsequent developments, the oral story of the Cupak Gerantang was used in plays in the art of wayang kulit performances in Bali and traditional drama plays in Lombok. These two stories have values that can be understood and accepted by society, such as: educational values, morality values, and ethical values. The figure of Cupak Gerantang in Bali
more » ... used as a personification of two brothers who have different faces, if the Cupak character has a bad face, the evil nature is greedy and slander. If the Gerantang character has a handsome face, is well mannered and thoughtful, diligently likes to help respect his parents. Whereas in Lombok the value of the Cupak Gerantang story is symbolic of local community groups and the aristocracy. Cupak Gerantang is understood by Balinese as a figure differently in Bali. Represented as two brothers and sisters. In Lombok the figure of Cupak Gerantang is represented as a characteristic of the Sasak people having a different stratification. Cupak is rude, stiff, arrogant, slanderous, likes to show off. Gerantang is the personification of aristocrats, has a refined nature, is handsome, and likes to work hard and is a noble of Javanese descent.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.210407.248 fatcat:nnp2ghopdbcs5ovg47orzvryta