Near-death experiences: Evidence for survival

1985 Journal of Near-Death Studies  
This paper argues that the out-of-body experience (OBE) and other elements of a near-death experience (NDE), as well as the positive affects that accompany them, do not yield conclusive evidence for survival after death. The OBE has features that suggest a physical basis for it, the other elements show the influ ence of cultural background, and positive affects may simply occur to conserve one's energy and prolong life. Other explanations for near-death elements, such as sensory deprivation,
more » ... ory deprivation, extrasensory perception, and eyeless sight, are addressed. passage described as a tunnel, etc.; meeting spirits, dead relatives, and religious figures; an encounter with a presence or a brilliant light; a feeling of being in a realm of ethereal beauty; a life review; and a sense of reaching a limit beyond which the experiencer feels that he or she should not go. Upon deciding to return to life or being told to, the experiencer regains consciousness. Very few Anabiosis-The Journal for Near-Death Studies experiencers have reported all these elements, and the elements do not occur in any strict sequence.
doi:10.17514/jnds-1985-5-1-p21-38. fatcat:zrbtabx5avbafiayoxwhqhavrq