Reliability Optimization of Distributed Access Networks With Constrained Total Cost

F.-M. Shao, X. Shen, P.-H. Ho
2005 IEEE Transactions on Reliability  
In this paper, we study the system reliability optimization of distributed access networks subject to a constraint on the total cost. We first formulate the cost-constrained system reliability optimization problem as a searching process in a combinatorial tree, which enumerates all the possible solutions to the problem. Because the calculation of each possible solution for the reliability problem is extremely time-consuming, a novel algorithm, the Shrinking & Searching Algorithm (SSA), is
more » ... ed to speed up the searching process. SSA jointly considers the upper bound of the system reliability for each branch in the combinatorial tree, and the cost constraint on the possible solutions. It avoids most of the redundant calculations in the searching process by gradually shrinking the difference between lower & upper bounds of the length of a path in the corresponding combinatorial tree, which represents a feasible solution. Case study & simulation results are presented to demonstrate the performance of the SSA. Index Terms-Branch and bound, distributed access networks, optimization, system reliability.
doi:10.1109/tr.2005.853440 fatcat:vvxpp7l56rhmfavctg2acdahqa