Automatic Strain Gauge Balance Design Optimization Approach and Implementation Based on Integration of Software

Guangwei Xiang, Peng Mi, Guoqing Yi, Chao Wang, Wei Liu
2020 Measurement Science Review  
The traditional wind tunnel strain balance design cycle is a manual iterative process. With the experience and intuition of the designer, one solution that meets the design requirements can be selected among a small number of design solutions. This paper introduces a novel software integration-based automatic balance design optimization system (ABDOS) and its implementation by integrating professional design knowledge and experience, stepwise optimization strategy, CAD-CAE software,
more » ... ed scripts and tools. The proposed two-step optimization strategy includes the analytical design process (ADP) and the finite element method design process (FEDP). The built-in optimization algorithm drives the design variables change and searches for the optimal structure combination meeting the design objectives. The client-server based network architecture enables local lightweight design input, task management, and result output. The high-performance server combines all design resources to perform all the solution calculations. The development of more than 10 balances that have been completed and a case study show that this method and platform significantly reduce the time for design evaluation and design-analysis-redesign cycles, assisting designers to comprehensively evaluate and improve the performance of the balance.
doi:10.2478/msr-2020-0004 fatcat:r5vgc25vgzep3m33xwk2zqg3m4