A homochiral triple helix constructed from an axially chiral bipyridineElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: experimental details. See http://www.rsc.org/suppdata/cc/b2/b212781d/

Yong Cui, Helen L. Ngo, Wenbin Lin
2003 Chemical Communications  
Experimental. Materials and Methods. All of the chemicals were purchased from Aldrich or Fisher Scientific, and used without further purification. The IR spectra were recorded as KBr pellets on a Nicolet Magna-560 FT-IR spectrometer. X-ray powder diffraction data (XRPD) were recorded on a Rigaku MultiFlex diffractometer at 40 kV, 40 mA for CuKα (λ = 1.5406 Å), with a scan speed of 0.05-0.2 deg/min. The calculated XRPD patterns were produced using the SHELXTL-XPOW program and single crystal
more » ... single crystal reflection data. TGA experiments were carried out at a heating rate of 4 °C/min in air. The CD spectra were recorded as KBr pellets on a JASCO J-810 Circular Dichroism system.
doi:10.1039/b212781d pmid:12841255 fatcat:anuc57r5g5bovmtisuhadqujqm