Model-assisted DoE applied to microalgae processes

Veronika Gassenmeier, Sahar Deppe, Tanja Hernández Rodríguez, Fabian Kuhfuß, André Moser, Volker C. Hass, Kim Beatrice Kuchemüller, Ralf Pörtner, Johannes Möller, George Ifrim, Björn Frahm, TUHH Universitätsbibliothek
This study assesses the performance of the model-assisted Design of Experiment (mDoE) software toolbox for the design of two microalgae bioprocesses. The mDoE-toolbox was applied to maximize biomass growth for Desmodesmus pseudocommunis in a photobioreactor by varying the light intensity and pH and for Chlorella vulgaris in shake flasks, by varying the light intensity and duration. For both case studies, a mathematical mechanistic model was applied. In the first study only one experiment was
more » ... essary to adapt the mathematical model and identify a combination of light intensity and pH that improved biomass yield, as confirmed experimentally. In the second study, no well-established model was available for the specific experimental arrangement. On the basis of the literature, a mathematical model was constructed and a first cycle of mDoE was performed, thus identifying the desired factor combinations. Experiments confirmed the high biomass yield but revealed shortcomings of the model. The model was improved and a second cycle of mDoE was performed. The recommended factor combinations from both cycles were comparable. The mDoE was found to be a time-saving, cost-effective and useful method enabling the identification of factor combinations leading to high biomass production for the design of two different microalgae bioprocesses with low experimental effort.
doi:10.15480/882.4222 fatcat:dh27swdxqrepvcyaarrzrhkdvu