Windsor Soap

1851 Scientific American  
constructed, arranged, and operated in .ny convenient w.y or manner for pro,hlciD( re lulte .imilar to the above, by meau..lubltan tiallr the same .1 those a.bove deacribed. The head of the pump may be con cave on the inner side, or of an obtuse angle shape, or in two segmente or semicircles-th,e upper segment being ltationary .nd bolted to the cylinder and the lower segment hinged by its .traight lide to the straight side of the up per segment to answer as a valve for prevent ing clogging
more » ... from an accumulation of sparks in the pump, the end of the eduction tube bolted to the outRide of the head of the pump being made sufficiently large to embrace and cover lower segment of the head which iI to lerve the double purpose of a head and valve-which arrangement would require the eduction tube to be bolted to the circular 1I.ange of the pump instead of the head of the pump, .1 described. The p.r.llel guides, P' P", are BUIta.ined in their required position by tke plate, b, fixed to the end of the cylinder, and the plate, =, secu. red to the frame of the engine by the br.ce or .rm, a. On firing up the engine, the va.lve, G, mUlt be turned to a vertical position by moving the rod, R, to which it is attached;
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06211851-314c fatcat:5nr7o3f3wrdd7jratcoudgblj4