Study of local stress induced by circuit operation heating in 3D IC

木野 久志, 橋口 日出登, 谷川 星野, 菅原 陽平, 池ヶ谷 俊介, 福島 誉史, 小柳 光正, 田中 徹
2015 MES  
A three-dimensional stacked IC (3D IC) shows considerable promise as method to enhance the performance of IC. A 3D IC consists of several materials such as Si substrate, metal of through Si via (TSV), metal microbump, organic adhesive, and so on. These elements, especially metal microbumps and organic adhesives generate coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch. On the other hands, circuits generate heat in Si substrate during operation. Both the CTE mismatch and heat generation induce
more » ... al stress by expansion of organic adhesive injected around metal microbumps. This paper shows analysis results of effects of adhesive expansion on transistor performances using the test structure with dummy microbumps and thinned IC chip has transistors.
doi:10.11486/mes.25.0_355 fatcat:lor6u3xqvbc2dlcfyx7jdz5lli