Interaction of peptides and small molecules with biological targets

Diego Brancaccio
During my PhD course, I focused my attention on the conformational analysis of peptides that interact with GPCR and ligand-receptor interactions from NMR spectroscopy with possible application to cytotoxic agents binding to DNA. In particular, I investigated the conformational behaviour of peptide analogues of Urotensin, Melanocortin and Somatostatin in water solution and membrane mimetic environment (SDS and DPC micelles). Another research field was the NMR-based screening as potent technique
more » ... or the identification of small molecules that interact with macromolecule targets. Several methods based on the ligand observation have been proposed in the literature, among these WaterLOGSY (water-ligand observed via gradient spectroscopy), and STD-NMR (saturation transfer difference) experiments. I applied these NMR techniques for the evaluation of the DNA interactions of a new series of thiophen-naphthoquinones with interesting cytotoxic activity.
doi:10.6092/unina/fedoa/8816 fatcat:i6a7c7pzandtzjqvae6vhj75xu