Organization Of The Independent Work Of Future Specialists Of Tourism In The Higher Educational Institytions

Dudorova Liudmyla
2018 Zenodo  
The article deals with the organization of independent work of students. The category apparatus of the problem is defined. The conditions of the technological campaign for ensuring the modernization of the independent work of future tourism specialists are indicated. The problem of preparing future tourism specialists for organizing independent work and managing the work of the teaching staff in the teaching and cognitive process of a higher educational institution should be created on the
more » ... ptual, motivational, structural, content, technological, organizational and activity levels. In other words, it is necessary to form a motivation for students to study the teaching material independently and ensure the introduction of technology to teachers, taking into account the individual typological and psychological characteristics of the student. The leading trends in the implementation of this technology are: - development, introduction and dissemination of pedagogical technologies that accelerate the processes of updating and modernizing the modern education system; - the training of future tourism specialists during the entire period of the formation of the vocational school and pedagogical thought should take place in the following way, so that this process will contribute to the permanent renewal, comprehension and introduction of new ideas and technologies. In the structure of the pedagogical technology of organizing independent robots of future tourism specialists, it is necessary to take into account groups of factors. These factors influence the success and effectiveness of independent work. Organizational and pedagogical factors that contribute to the formation and installation of independent activity (motivational sphere, necessary knowledge and skills etc.). Socio-psychological – favorable conditions, strong-willed qualities that contribute to increasing the productivity of independent activity.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1293544 fatcat:ocer2som3ngllarblstwo744yu