Diskurs und Herrschaft – Überlegungen zu Habermas' Legitimationslogik / Discourse and domination – Reflections on the logic of legitimization in the work of Habermas

Wolfgang Fach
1974 Zeitschrift für Soziologie  
AbstractThe central thesis of J. HABERMAS' logic of legitimization is the following: Legitimate social norms can be justified by argumentation independent from their psychological efficacy. 'Justified by argumentation' means that - under the condition of unconstrained communication - the underlying interest can in each case be proved to be a general one. Two objections can be raised against this construction: (1) Its own functional conditions are the reason for its failure and its ending up in
more » ... d its ending up in a paradoxy: Legitimacy established by communication presupposes a society free from domination; such a society, however, can do without the whole process. (2) Several arguments suggest that HABERMAS' universalist argumentation only rationalizes a particular interest previously set.
doi:10.1515/zfsoz-1974-0301 fatcat:jkr6toxs5fhtdmall6mojc5b2i