Identification and characterization of conserved and divergent genes encoding the nuclear envelope LINC complex in maize (Zea mays L.) [article]

Hardeep Kaur Gumber, Joseph F McKenna, Amado Leonardo Estrada, Andrea Frances Tolmie, Katja Graumann, Hank W Bass
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
The LINC (Linker of Nucleoskeleton to Cytoskeleton) complex serves as an essential multi-protein structure spanning the nuclear envelope. It connects the cytoplasm to the nucleoplasm and functions to maintain nuclear shape and architecture, as well as regulates chromosome dynamics during mitosis and meiosis. Knowledge of LINC complex composition and function in the plant kingdom is relatively limited, especially in the monocots which include the cereal grains and other grass species. We
more » ... ed and classified 22 genes encoding candidate LINC complex and associated proteins in maize through bioinformatic and biochemical approaches. Representative KASH candidates were functionally validated in one or more assays including nuclear envelope localization, native or heterologous co-immunoprecipitation with antisera for ZmSUN2, and fluorescence recovery after photobleaching. These findings support a summary working model of the entire maize LINC and associated proteins complex with components found to be conserved across eukaryotes, unique to plants, or highly divergent and grass-specific. This model contributes a new experimental system for the cell biology of the nuclear envelope and new opportunities for future studies of the LINC complex in a model crop species.
doi:10.1101/343939 fatcat:kswewrr2vjblhocd2tbyc677wm