The Effects of Indoor Activities on Pollution Characteristics of Air Particles in an Office Environment

Guozhong Zheng, Zhengzheng Zhao, Zhihao Li, Yuefen Gao
2016 Journal of Residuals Science and Technology  
This article compares the effects of different indoor activities on pollution characteristics of air particles in an office. Some indoor activities, such as smoking, mopping floor, wiping table, sweeping floor, walking and air humidification, were studied. The dynamical changes of the mass concentration and the particle number concentration over time were analyzed. The concept of area is introduced to rank the health hazards. The results indicate that the effects of the humidification on the
more » ... ification on the indoor particulate matter are the most significant, then the sweeping floor, smoking, mopping floor, and the walking and wiping table are the least. For indoor particulate matter, the guideline value system for PM1.0 and the exposure time can be set as 1 hour.
doi:10.12783/issn.1544-8053/13/4/s15 fatcat:p4f23qipxbgtzdy5yg6hcramnq