Electromagnetic-mass sum rules from equal-time current commutators

S. K. Bose
1968 Il Nuovo Cimento A  
Nuovo Cimento, 56A, 1135 (1968)) Invarianee under charge-conjugation implies that ~+, ~-, have the same mass. The equal-spacing rule, which characterizes AI= 1 would imply that ran § = m n-~ m~o. The actual mass differences between the charged and the neutral pions is therefore totally attributable to the AI = 2 effect. In our calculations, since we consider only octet, AI----2 is not allowed (AI= 2 is allowed in 27 representation) and hence 2 t2 ~o~ = ~/~o,~.
doi:10.1007/bf02819158 fatcat:adb6x4xrvfcjlhumbgcimlrx2a