A New Citrus Virus Disease: Citrus Yellow Mottle

Kinji Ushiyama, Tomio Usugi, Hiroyuki Hibino
1984 International Organization of Citrus Virologists Conference Proceedings (1957-2010)  
Distinct vein clearing with yellowish halos were found on leaves of satsuma mandarin trees in Japan. The causal agent of the symptoms was transmitted to young satsuma mandarin trees and other citrus seedlings by graft inoculation. Rodshaped particles mostly 690-740 nm X 12-14 nm were detected in partially purified preparations and in leaf-dips from leaves showing symptoms. Masses of similar rodshaped particles were also observed in ultra-thin sections of affected leaves. Mechanical transmission
more » ... anical transmission to herbaceous plants and citrus seedlings using crude sap were unsuccessful. However, back inoculation by knife stem-cut method of the 100,000xg sediment fraction prepared from the affected citrus seedlings to Fukuhara sweet orange seedlings was successful. These results indicate that the rod-shaped particle is the causal virus of this new disease of citrus. The name citrus yellow mottle and citrus yellow mottle virus (CYMV) are proposed for the disease and its virus agent, respectively.
doi:10.5070/c59t87p803 fatcat:s7o55zphojdl7fnklzgmq44hrq