Nikolay Protsenko
2019 Praktiki & interpretacii  
The article reviews two recently published works in Russian translation, which raise environmental issues in its economic and socio-political aspects. Intellectual analysis of the long-term effects of the Paris climate agreement (2016) is undertaken in the monograph written by French sociologist and philosopher Bruno Latour. The scholar calls into question the modernization project, which determined the main vector of world development over the past few centuries. The monograph by American
more » ... ph by American urbanist Sharon Zukin examines the transformation of New York City's urban spaces in the 1990s–2000s in the context of postmodernism as a strategy of flexible capital accumulation and commodification of public goods. The sociologist's book refers both to the famous cultural events of recent decades and to the intellectual discoveries of postmodern philosophers, who equally accurately predicted changes in the environment of a typical modern metropolis.
doi:10.23683/2415-8852-2019-2-132-144 fatcat:dhe3csoafnbtlmvcweye7uu22y