Determination of Norfloxacin and Tinidazole In Pharmaceutical Formulation by using Chemometric-Assisted UV-Spectrophotometric Method

Ankit Bhalchandra More, Rajendra B. Patil, Sheetal Patil
2018 American Journal of PharmTech Research  
This presented work is based on application of two multivariate calibration methods for simultaneous UV-Visible spectrophotometric determination of active substances in combined pharmaceutical formulation contained of Tinidazole (TINI) and Norfloxacin (NFX). The methods used were Partial Least Square (PLS) and Principal Component Regression (PCR). The spectra of both NFX and TINI were recorded at concentrations within their linear range 2.0-12.0 μg/mL for NFX and 5.0-30.0 μg/mL for TINI. The 29
more » ... mL for TINI. The 29 set of mixtures were used for calibration and 07 set of mixtures were used for validation in the wavelength range of 260 to 320 nm with the wavelength interval λ= 0.2 nm in methanol. The methods were validated as per International Conference on Harmonization Q2 (R1) (ICH) guidelines. These methods were successfully applied for determination of drugs in pharmaceutical formulation (tablet) with no interference of the excipients as indicated by the recovery study results. The proposed methods are simple, rapid and can be easily used as an alternative analysis tool in the quality control as well as in process control of drugs and formulation.
doi:10.46624/ajptr.2018.v8.i4.018 fatcat:w3gqbxchhbhozozh4htz4snzwi