Hyperspectral surface materials map of quadrangle 3268, Khayr Kot (521) and Urgun (522) quadrangles, Afghanistan, showing carbonates, phyllosilicates, sulfates, altered minerals, and other materials [unknown]

Raymond F. Kokaly, Trude V.V. King, Todd M. Hoefen, Keith E. Livo, Stuart A. Giles, Michaela R. Johnson
2013 Antarctica A Keystone in a Changing World   unpublished
Alunite and kaolinite (0) Alunite ( 0) Montmorillonite (63,548) Kaolinite and muscovite/clay/carbonate (31,217) Kaolinite (109) Kaolinite (alunite, pyrophyllite, or dickite may be present) (21) Illite (3,000,121) Muscovite (651,741) Epidote or chlorite (531,259) Dolomite and clay/muscovite (91) Dolomite (124) Carbonate, iron-bearing (1,279) Carbonate and clay/muscovite (3,887) Calcite and clay/muscovite (4,696,616) Calcite and muscovite/clay (34,588) Calcite (3,314,290) Calcite, abundant (1)
doi:10.3133/ofr20131197a fatcat:3l4vwlnhmvenxk5cwqwd4ny2mu