Quantum Bit-commitment for small storage based on quantum one-way permutations

Keisuke Tanaka
2003 New generation computing  
We propose quantum bit-commitment schemes based on quantum one-way permutations. Our schemes reduces exponentially the number of bits which Bob needs to store until the opening phase compared with the classical counterpart. 1Introduction Abit-commitment protocol involves two party: a sender (say Alice) and areceiver (say Bob). Alice has aclassical string inmind, which she wants to communicate to Bob at alater time. In order to guarantee that she will not change hermind in the interim, Alice
more » ... es to lock her commitment in a safe which she sends to Bob, but keeps the key of the safe. At themom ent of truth, Alice unveils her commitment alld opens the safe to prove her hon-
doi:10.1007/bf03037308 fatcat:wdl2sqqd3bdc7bjbawnnyqnqom