Precision Physics in Penning Traps Using the Continuous Stern-Gerlach Effect [chapter]

Klaus Blaum, Günter Werth
2021 Molecular Beams in Physics and Chemistry  
Abstract"A single atomic particle forever floating at rest in free space" (H. Dehmelt) would be the ideal object for precision measurements of atomic properties and for tests of fundamental theories. Such an ideal, of course, can ultimately never be achieved. A very close approximation to this ideal is made possible by ion traps, where electromagnetic forces are used to confine charged particles under well-controlled conditions for practically unlimited time. Concurrently, sensitive detection
more » ... thods have been developed to allow observation of single stored ions. Various cooling methods can be employed to bring the trapped ion nearly to rest. Among different realisations of ion traps we consider in this chapter the so-called Penning traps which use static electric and magnetic fields for ion confinement. After a brief discussion of Penning-trap properties, we consider various experiments including the application of the "continuous Stern-Gerlach effect", which have led recently to precise determinations of the masses and magnetic moments of particles and antiparticles. These serve as input for testing fundamental theories and symmetries.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-63963-1_13 fatcat:b63bc2so3ndildfqdaux3nvm6y