Nonleptonic Hyperon Decays in the Constituent Rearrangement Model and Universality of d/f Ratios

Y. Igarashi, M. Shin-Mura
1978 Progress of theoretical physics  
917 Nonleptonic decays of hyperons are investigated in terms of the constituent rearrangement (CR) model by assuming i) dominance of 15 and 20" components of the weak Hamiltonian in SU (4), ii) universality of d/ f ratios and iii) spin non-flip along spectator constituent lines. vVe analyze the CP invariant CR amplitudes and obtain ..St=O as well as the Lee-Sugawara relation for s-wave decays. It is shown that the contribution of 15 is much larger than that of 20" in the s-wave decays, while
more » ... 20" component is important for describing the p-wave amplitudes.
doi:10.1143/ptp.59.917 fatcat:gsvw6htvqbcv3i5tfalssme2mq