Microcredit and Poverty Reduction:Comparison of Macedonia and Turkey
Mikro Kredi ve Yoksulluğun Azaltılması: Makedonya ve Türkiye Karşılaştırması

İlhan Ege
2014 International Conference on Eurasian Economies 2014   unpublished
In the recent years income instability and poverty is imortnat problem in the world. Aproximately more than one out of five people in the World live in poverty. Microcredit is an effective tool to support the poor help themselves out of the poverty. The aims of this study are explaining poverty in Macedonia and Turkey and comparing Macedonia to Turkish microcredit systems. This study is completed through an extensive literature review of academic articles, and methodologies employed by
more » ... mployed by Macedonia and Turkey microcredit models. The performance of system are studied and compared with the various parameters. The various parameters deals with poverty such as financial structure, gini coefficient and efficiency. Poverty is important problem for undeveloped countries. Microcredit has played an important role in the reduction of poverty. Finally, as the paper shows and the available data appears to confirm success to fighting poverty with microcredit experience of Macadonia and Turkey. And this paper is answered to question: Which is success to fight the poverty, Macedonia or Turkey?
doi:10.36880/c05.01131 fatcat:u3f2ed6tize3dfpcdoel4uwmne