Galina Ivanovna SHCHERBA
2016 Monitoring Obŝestvennogo Mneniâ: Ekonomičeskie i Socialʹnye Peremeny  
The problems of regional development in Ukraine today is increasingly associated with the intensification of cross-border cooperation. The majority of Ukrainian regions bordering with the border regions of other countries, that making cross-border cooperation by effective lever for regional development of our state under globalization. This primarily refers to those administrative units, whose area is tangent to the outer border of Ukraine with the EU, since in terms of European integration
more » ... ks to cross-border cooperation in these regions are improving not only the indicators of foreign trade in goods and services, but there is growth not only in attracting of foreign investment, but in the adaptation of European experience in business, management technologies, business ethics, social culture and standards of the formation of civil society. For Ukraine the study of the problems of cross-border regions development, formed with the participation of border territories of the states that are members of EU, in particular, with activation of foreign economic activity, is an important factor in the adaptation of best practices and modern mechanisms of international regional integration. Enhancing of external economic relations of Ukrainian regions with the regions that are partners from the EU in the context of cross-border cooperation development has a significant positive impacts as for these regions such as for the whole Ukraine. However, intensification of foreign economic relations within the cross-border regions with new opportunities brings new risks for increasing the asymmetry of levels of socio-economic development of the adjacent territories of neighboring countries due VI МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ СОЦИОЛОГИЧЕСКАЯ ГРУШИНСКАЯ КОНФЕРЕНЦИЯ «ЖИЗНЬ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ ПОСЛЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ: КАК СДЕЛАТЬ РЕЗУЛЬТАТЫ ПОНЯТНЫМИ И ПОЛЕЗНЫМИ» НАУЧНАЯ ЖИЗНЬ
doi:10.14515/monitoring.2016.3.12 fatcat:ab32jhq4pvclflbqm4mys7j25y