Current Status of Implementing Pension Insurance System for Urban and Rural Residents and Solutions

Shufeng Ni
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control (MEICI 2016)   unpublished
In the past, there was rich labor market in China, so the product cost was relatively low with huge advantages in the international market, and China's economy developed rapidly. But in recent years, China's labor market is gradually narrowing, it boils down to is because of the severe aging in our country. The serious consequences of aging are the burden of young people, to reduce the burden on young people, it is important to improve the old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents.
more » ... The emphasis of this paper is to study the pension insurance system for urban and rural residents of our country implementation present situation, summarize the implementation of the problems existing in the process, and according to the actual situation put forward reasonable countermeasures and expectations can effectively improve the old-age insurance system. The pension issues of China's urban and rural residents can be improved. With the aging China's population and the implementation of family planning, young people have huge life pressure, especially in terms of the elderlies' pension. Thus, the Chinese government reforms the pension insurance system and introduces new pension insurance system for urban and rural residents. However, there are some problems in implementing this system, so only by solving these problems can be promote the smooth implementation of pension insurance system for rural and urban residents.
doi:10.2991/meici-16.2016.77 fatcat:jdolfvvqxrczfjfueqlwmmtxyi