Work Method & Facilities Analysis With Ergonomics Approach On Valve Assembly

Nanang Alamsyah, Sanusi, Afdal Hamdani
2017 Zenodo  
The case study carried out in a company in Batam, which the company is engaged in oil services. In this company, the assembly is done manually, causing some inconvenience of work experience in working for less body position corresponds to the placement of the material. Such conditions lead to potential injury. From the results of the initial interview to the 23 employees, there are 18 employees who complained of discomfort in performing valve assembly. To reduce the potential for injury to the
more » ... perator, the researchers wanted to perform repair work station so that operators can more effectively on doing their job. Methodology: The methods used in the conduct of this study are as follows: 1. Determination of Anthropometric Dimensions In designing the height of groundwork for the standing position, in principle similar to the design height of the groundwork cradle position. Ergonomic recommendations about the height groundwork standing position based on the height of the elbow stands as follows. a. To work requires precision with a view to reducing the release of static on the back muscles, high working basis is 5-10 cm above the standing elbow height. b. During manual labor, where work often require space for equipment; material and containers of all types, high working basis is 10-15 cm below the rate stood tall. c. For jobs that require suppression with robust, high working basis is 15-40 cm below elbow height stand. 2. Positioning work Working position stand also has both advantages and disadvantages. Stance is the standby attitude both physically and mentally, so that the activities of the work done faster, stronger and thorough. However, changing the sitting position to standing still use the same tool to be exhausting work. Basically the stand itself is more tiring than sitting down and energy expended to stand more 10-15% compared with sitting. In the design of work stations stand, if workers have to work for a period of time, then became a major fatigue factor. Findings: Repair wo [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1475467 fatcat:xghn7rthv5aehpib7tobqt2bcy