Dark Side of Digital Literacy

Mrs. Mariya Shalini, Dr. E. Arokiya Shylaja
Education is a field of indispensable transformation. During the hard time of pandemic outbreak, the method of teaching and learning changed undeniably. What had caused the changes? The pandemic or the learning needs and practices of students. Students' learning needs are, of course, a priority. What could be the ideal form of teaching learning when students are not able to attend their daily transaction of subject content? It's only possible through the virtual mode. A very challenging period
more » ... or the teaching fraternity, the student community, and the parents as well. Students must adapt themselves to virtual learning, and teachers must equip themselves with a new method of teaching. It is the parents' responsibility to procure items that please their wards. The current scenario of teaching and learning is therefore reliant heavily on digital literacy skills. In every coin there is a flip side. Similarly, digital literacy also has its pros and cons. The objective of this paper is to bring to light the dark side of digital literacy.
doi:10.24113/ijellh.v9i10.11199 fatcat:zlt6ghk5zvfbnfd3qqfkgnhbri