Manufacture of melting temperature controllable modified sulfur (MS) and its application to MS concrete
융점 제어형 개질유황의 개발 및 이를 활용한 콘크리트의 특성 연구

Jin-Hee Kim, Jin Sub Choi, No Hyung Park
2014 Journal of the Korean Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology  
In this study, we manufactured melting temperature controllable modified surfur (MS) and studied the properties of sulfur modified cement concrete (SMC). We investigated the effects of sulfur and pyridine content on melting temperature of MS. The reaction is confirmed by measuring Raman spectrophotoscopy. The SMC was produced at Water (W)/Cement (C) = 45 wt%, Sand (S)/Aggregate (A) = 45 wt% and 5, 10, 15 and 20 % of MS on the basis of conventional portland cement, respectively. And then
more » ... y. And then physical properties such as compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and permeability of SMC were measured. As MS added, permeability was decreased, while strength and spalling properties were improved. To confirm the safety of MS and SMC, pyrolyzed gas chromatography (P-GC) and gas hazard test were conducted. The results showed that MS and SMC were relatively safe at an elevated temperature.
doi:10.6111/jkcgct.2014.24.6.261 fatcat:4ltt2mci3zhh5i6vd5rzx3pbf4